ATTENTION! Please read the following instructions carefully before starting Verification.Especially Articles 2 and 4.If the pictures does not meet the requirements, your certification application will be rejected.The reject reasons will send to your email.

1.Verification is not mandatory, not verification will not affect most of your exchanges, unless we require verification before you can continue to exchange.

2.Please click ” Personal account ” first, and fill in your name and ID card (Passport) number. Please fill in correctly. It can’t be edited after saved (Contact the admin if you need to change if you fill in incorrectly). It must be consistent with the authentication photo.The Photo can refer to the sample images below.

3. After the authentication is successful, for all transactions involving CNY, the payer or payee must be the same as the name of the authentication.

4.About”Scan of your passport”,upload your passport photo.

5. About “Your upper body photo”, take a photo of the upper body of the handheld passport which inсlude a page of our website(you can open our site by a computer,pad or phone,and make the computer,pad or phone appear in your photo ), then upload it, and the identity information must be clearly visible.

6. Photos must be clear and original without modification

7. English or Chinese files accept only

8. You will get an additional 0.1% discount after verified.

9. If your certification is rejected, please check your email to see the reason for rejection

10. For all transactions involving CNY after successful verified, the name of the payer or payee must be the same as the verified name.If you pay with someone else’s account, your account will be de-verified and cannot be verified again

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